I Tried Teeth Whitening At Home With Hydrogren Peroxide 3%! I saw this viral video on Tik Tok and decided to try it out myself to se if it really works. What did you think? Did you see any huge difference? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Product used in the Tiktok is sold out. But here is another alternativ.

For everyone asking about the robe, here is where I got it!

Hydrogren Peroxide 3%:

For my Swedish peeps:

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20 thoughts on “Teeth Whitening At Home With Hydrogren Peroxide 3%

  1. When you see the comments saying it’s safe for your teeth but you actually know a thing or two about chemistry 😬😬😬 3 percent is fine for home use but over 10 percent id say is the limit since hydrogen peroxide is known to cause chemical burns, if applied wrongly or accidentally ingested.

  2. “They think we are rich…” I’ve never related to a sentence more 😭😭😂

  3. Heyy guys😁… So I’m going to try it and tell you guys the exprience for a FIVE days result cause a girl teeth needs help right now😭….. feel free to comment and ask me any questions about your concerns….
    Btw I’m from Trindad and Tobago (Trinidad) so my bottle cost about $8.00 but in other countries, it would cost ALOT less😅….(my country’s just really expensive)… You can get yours in a pharmacy. I got mines in the Pharmacy so yhh

    P.S Last part was just for my Trini folks but for others you can get a bottle in Walmart…Oh and ya’ll please get the 3% bottle nothing more or it could damage your teeth.

    DAY 1- So followed the video EXACTLY and used a Q-tip, dipped it into the bottle cap about 12 way Full.. Even though some people typically tend to use a bottle cap FULL and use it as a mouth wash, you can try it that way as well if you believe it might give you better results BUT I used mines as the video said because I DON’T PLAY WITH MY TEETH ya’ll😭… See you guys tomorrow ptl👋

    DAY 2- Okayy it’s the next day and Thank G-D, I remembered to do this because I forget things pretty easily😅 but I did it….So today I did this method in the morning AND in the night ( so that means twice for today)…I wouldn’t recommend putting the peroxide on your teeth more than 2-3 times a day for a week….Soo my gum feels a little sensitive when I’m done brushing but the feeling goes away after awhile. Regarding my teeth I can see a small difference..Nothing to big but like a slighty brighter change in it’s appearance…I guess you could say this method is now starting to work on my teeth😅…See you guys tomorrow ptl👋

  4. Nice, fun and entertaining video. Your boyfriend was right… your teeth were pretty white to begin with. His, in my opinion, did appear to get whiter.

  5. Uuugh. That teaches me that I should always fast forward and skip to th ends of videos. That ENTIRE video was a waste of time … except the before and after pics of your boyfriend’s teeth. Why didn’t you show us your before and after? Did I miss it? 🤷‍♀️

  6. Where we can find it o found in uae different product idont know which one is the correct please tell me

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